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(Formerly swami.simplenet.com/RealAudio)


Can't Get it to Work?

Let me ask you the obvious question. Did you download the RealAudio Player and install it yet? It's a free download. Click the icon below to download it.

Some of the RealAudio clips on this site will not run without at least the G2 player.

Download Now

System Requirements and Other Issues

To take advantage of this site you must have a sound card in your computer and the latest version of RealAudio (a free download). Click the icon and download it. Make sure you first uninstall your old version of the RealAudio player.

  • If you have trouble getting RealAudio files to play, try this. One of our listeners, Kantilal Shivlal, reports: "Under Real Audio settings I had set the Proxy server to match browsers. This was the problem. However, when the proxy server was set to NIL, it worked fine on your sites."

    • On the RealPlayer G2, click OPTIONS


    • Next select PREFERENCES

    RealPlayer tabs

    • Select PROXY from the tabs at the top of the screen.

    • Your settings should look like the ones in the screen below:

    Real Proxy Settings

  • Sometimes the RealAudio player must be configured not to buffer for long amounts of time. This may increase your listening pleasure by allowing you to hear the sound clip more quickly.

    • On the RealPlayer G2, click OPTIONS

    • Then click PREFERENCES

    • Select the CONNECTIONS tab at the top

    • CHANGE the BUFFERED PLAY to around 20 seconds. Make sure you UNCHECK "Buffer entire clip up to available memory.

    Buffer settings


Still Having Problems?

Don't like RealPlayer software? Try Real Alternative, which is a compact little program that plays Realaudio-formatted files. Just follow this link to download.


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