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Download Tips

If you're having trouble getting the RealAudio sounds on this website to play at all, then click here.

Otherwise, if you can hear the lectures, but you would prefer to listen offline, then read on.

In order to download a file, it must have an option "Download." We are now adding this option for all our new submissions on the Hare Krishna RealAudio site.

Are you using Netscape or Internet Explorer?

  • Internet Explorer 4.0: right click on the word "Download" and then click "Save Target As"
  • Netscape Communicator: right click on the word "Download" and then click "Save Link As"

Note: If you have a program like GetRight, you can drag the Download link to your GetRight download window.

Again, this only works if there is a "Download" option. Not all RealAudio clips on this site have the "Download" option installed yet.

This will save the file to play later. Also, if you left click on the same link, you will download the entire file before it plays, but it will not remain on your hard disk after it completes playing, which may be desirable for some people who wish not to fill up their disk space with large RealAudio files.

As always, all RealAudio files on the Hare Krishna RealAudio web site may be listened to while online, as well.

On some of our new sound clips we have started to add an option to download the RealAudio file in addition to the option to play the file online. The information on this page may help you to take advantage of this feature if you find that your Internet connection causes files to start and stop while playing online, or if you come from an area in the world where local phone calls to the Internet are not free.

In general, downloading a file will take less time than playing the file online. 

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