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The Radio Krishna Network is the newest feature of Now you can listen to LIVE audio broadcasts in the form of lectures, music, interviews and other Krishna conscious sound vibrations -- some of which is not otherwise available on Hare Krishna RealAudio -- direct from various locations around the world. Some members of RKN are even broadcasting live from their local temples.

Visit this page often for the latest news, developments and improvements on the network.

Or go to and search for Krishna. You will then be presented with a list of Krishna conscious stations to listen to.

The live stream should open in your computer's default MP3 player. Wait a few seconds after making a selection from the above menu. If nothing happens, try downloading one of the free media players listed below. Install the player, then select a station from the RKN menu again.

Winamp 2.81 Choose "Download the Free RealOne Player" Music Match Jukebox

For further info or to give your report on the quality of the broadcasts, write to

Or contact me on ICQ at 10506234, Aol Instant Messenger at screen name Anadi, Yahoo Messenger at Anadi108, Paltalk at Anadi108 or MSN Messenger at (Do not not send e-mail to All mail going to that address is automatically deleted. Just use that e-mail address to add me to your MSN Messenger contact list.)

(RKN is sponsored by Radio Krishna Centrale in Italy.)

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