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What you need

  • You need one of these. It's called a mrdanga (pronounced MRI-DUNGA). Beg, borrow or steal, if you want to learn how to play it, you have to get your hands on one. Ask at your local Hare Krishna temple or a devotee friend. Write to ISKCON Los Angeles. Do something. But get one of these.

  • You need time. Everything you need to know to play the mrdanga is on this website, but you need time to go through each lesson and master it. If you practice every day for 20 minutes (recommended), you should be able to finish the course anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your abilities.

  • You need a sound card and computer speakers. Does your computer makes music and interesting sounds now and then? Good. If not, you're in trouble. You need a computer that makes sound, because we're going to use that to teach you how to play the mrdanga.

Download Now

  • You need the latest RealAudio G2 Player (FREE DOWNLOAD). For more information on the RealAudio player, click here.


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