Learn to Play > Lesson 15: Alternative fast beats

The Fast Off-beat Double

We use tok and tuk in the next two beats, so it was high time you learned them.

In Lesson 13 and 14 we discussed the Main Fast Off-beat and its variations. If you haven't learned them yet, it's time to go back there and learn them now. We are assuming from here on in that you have done each of your lessons in the correct order and have mastered the beats. You will need that now.

The Fast Off-beat Double is another kind of variation of the Main Fast Off-beat. In the Main Fast Off-beat we are hitting a tidha *Duk ta. Translated into the number system that we have already discussed, we are hitting a ge on the 2 and the 3, or perhaps even on the 1, 2 and 3.

With the Fast Off-beat Double, we do the same thing, but the next mantra we hit a ki on those notes. Then the next mantra we switch back to ges. So we switch back and forth, one mantra we play it with ge, and the next mantra we play it with ki.

Using the number system, it would work like this:

1-2, *3, 4  (hitting a soft ge on the 2 and a loud Ge on the 3)
1-2, *3, 4  (hitting a soft ki on the 2 and a loud Ki on the 3)

And back again.

There's a mantra for that, of course. It looks like this:

tidha *Duk ta
titok *Tuk ta

And back and forth. And know what? I don't have a recording of it. You just have to imagine how it sounds. If you can play tidha *Duk ta then you can play tidha *Duk ta titok *Tuk ta

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