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Cool Variations

Connecting these together

You connect these variations together the same way you would for the Main Fast Off-beat itself.

Basically, the connecting beat is simply a bunch of Dhas followed by a loud Ge, and that loud Ge is 3 beats into the next kirtan mantra.

In other words, you just start hitting Dha Dha Dha and go just a little too far. Then at that point you can either make a "break" and slow the kirtan down, or you can continue on at the same speed. You can also change the pitch of the singing to a higher key at that point.

If you want to make a "break" at that point, you've got to say something really loud, like "BOL!" and then start singing "Nitai-Gaura Haribol, Haribol, Haribol, Haribol!"

So here are two RealAudio sound clips to listen to.

Number 1: “Connecting” two Fast-Off Beats together:

Listen Online. Listen Offline. (Note how the connecting beat goes 3 beats into the next singing mantra. Also note how the singing pitch can change to a higher key after the connecting beat. Note also how the kirtan on this sound clip ends.)

Number 2: “Breaks” used with the Fast-Off Beat for incredible dramatic effect.

Listen Online. Listen Offline. (Also note how the kirtan on this sound clip ends.)

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