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Cool Variations

Main Fast Off-beat variation 2

Well, if you've managed to keep up, you're doin' pretty good and I've a lot of hope for you.

There's still another variation of the Main Fast Off-beat, and fortunately enough, it's considered a little easier to play, and it looks pretty cool to watch, too.

Remember the foundation of the fast beats: tiri *ti ta. (one-two *THREE four)

To get the variation, you will leave out the second ti but still hit a loud Ge. The timing is the same, but you just leave out that "ti."

The mantra for that becomes this:

dukdha *Ge ta

note: It's traditional to bring the hand away from the dayan (small end) between the dha and the ta of this beat. In fact, swing your hand far away from the small end of the drum. The reason is twofold: it helps you to keep the proper timing (remember the almost pause), and it looks cool.

By the way, before you run off and practice this, I'd like to tell you that this particular variation is my favorite mrdanga beat, and I love to play it. Now, ready to practice?

Listen Online.
Listen Online.

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