Learn to Play > Lesson 12:
The Standard Fast Beat

Making the kirtan move

Hey, that's it for the slow and intermediate beats. Now you've got to learn what to do when the kirtan takes off and gets really smoking! Look at the picture on the right which I took a few years ago outside of Vancouver, Canada. If you see someone jump like that in a kirtan, you know you're REALLY playing a hot mrdanga!!!

As said many times before, kirtans usually begin slowly and increase in speed. There are appropriate mrdanga beats for each phase of the kirtan, and now we're going to teach you the beats to use when the kirtan gets smoking. These beats are the ones that get everyone to dance.

The picture on the right is a picture of Krsna-kumara Prabhu, a disciple of Prthu Prabhu. It's not trick photography. He's really up in the air like that. Of course, he wasn't in a kirtan at the time. He was doing some stunts on a trampoline during the Vancouver, Canada, Padayatra one year. But if you learn how to play the mrdanga ecstatically, devotees will jump almost as high as Krsna-kumara Prabhu is doing in this photograph!!!.

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