Learn to Play > Lesson 11: The Indian Beat

A special "Connecting Beat"

Hey. I'm revealing all of my secrets now. Pretty soon you'll be playing much better than I ever played.

The "Indian Beat" has a special Connecting Beat that goes with it. Connecting beats were already discussed in Lesson 8.

The special Connecting Beat for the Indian Beat is called, appropriately enough, The Indian Connecting Beat.

It goes like this:

Tuk Tuk - Dha - Tuk Tuk - Dha

To use it, you have to insert it at the right place. The last "Ge" of the Indian Beat is replaced with the first "Tuk" of the Connecting Beat. Note also, that the "T" of "Tuk" is uppercase here. As there is a soft and loud "Dha" (made with a loud "Ge") so there is also a soft and loud "Tuk" ("Ki" + "ti" = "Tuk").

You blend all this in with the Indian Beat as follows.

ta ki ge Dha Ge
ta ki ge Dha Ge
ta ki ge Dha Tuk Tuk - Dha - Tuk Tuk - Dha
ta ki ge Dha Ge

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