Learn to Play > Lesson 10: The Intermediate Off-beat

Reviewing off-beats

Although it was discussed earlier, it could be asked again. What the heck is an off-beat? Simply put, it's a beat that does something unexpected, or "off."

These mysterious beats are not so hard to play, but they are hard to fake. In other words, if you don't know the beat, it will be difficult for you to follow someone else who is playing it. They are what set the real mrdanga players apart from the novices. I've had many a smile playing the Intermediate Off-beat with a less experienced player at my side in a kirtan, trying to figure out what the heck I was doing!

This Intermediate Off-beat is a really snazzy beat when played properly. What's even better is that it's not that hard to learn! By the time you finish practicing this lesson, you should have it down pretty well. You're about to become a mrdanga expert!

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