Learn to Play > Lesson 9: The Standard Intermediate Beat

Variations of the beat

There are two main variations of the Standard Intermediate Beat.

Here's the first one. This sounds really great when properly played, but might take a little practice for you to master. There's no pause so the end of the beat flows immediately into the beginning of the next beat.

ta ta tuk ta dha Dha ta Dha

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Sounds pretty cool, huh? Especially when you play it a little faster.

Here's the second variation.

tiriti ki ta ge Ge ti Dha

These two variations may not look like the same beat at first glance, but because the bayan is being played with a ki followed by two ges and then another ge, it is exactly the same as the Standard Intermediate Beat learned earlier. As long as the big end of the drum is doing the same thing, even if the hand on the small end is playing something different, it's a variation of the same beat.

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