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The Standard Intermediate Beat

This is a beat that originally hails from the Radha Govindaji Mandir in Jaipur, India, and is normally played on a wood frame Khol. It's a great beat for street chanting, and easy for devotees to follow along with.

ta ta tuk ta ge tiDha tiri Ge

Note a few things about this beat before we practice it. First of all, there are no pauses. Second of all, note that tiri appears twice. We can tell that it appears twice because we always underline the word tiri, even if it is combined with a "ge." So because tiDha is underlined, we know that it is really tiri with a loud "Ge" note played at the same time as the "ri."

Note also what the bayan (big end) is doing. It hits a ki, then two ges and finally a loud ge. We know it hits a ki because we know that "tuk" = "ki" + "ti."

We will learn this mrdanga mantra using the back to front method described earlier on.

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