Learn to Play > Lesson 9: The Standard Intermediate Beat

When to use these beats

As described earlier, mrdanga beats come in different categories and styles. The categories refer to the speed of the kirtan, and the style refers to whether it is a standard or off-beat.

The diagram shows the natural progression of a kirtan, which begins slow, then gradually speeds up. For each part of the kirtan there are appropriate mrdanga beats. So far you have learned three important slow beats plus the Basic Connecting Beat. The slow beats you learned were called The Basic Kirtan Beat, The Basic Off-beat and The Prabhupada Beat. You also studied variations of these beats.

As already mentioned, now we're going to move into a new category of beats meant to be used when the kirtan is at medium speed. We call these intermediate beats. Exciting, huh?

There are three main intermediate beats taught on this course, and each has a specific name. We're going to teach you "The Standard Intermediate Beat," "The Intermediate Off-beat," and "The Indian Beat." We will also teach you variations of these beats.

So, if you're all fired up, let's go for it!

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