Learn to Play > Lesson 7: Prabhupada Beat Variations

Introducing the "Juk" and "Jok"

Juk and Jok are both combination beats using the "Jin" note.

"ti" + "Jin" = "Juk"

"ta" + "Jin" = "Jok"

Here's a practice beat for you to try. Don't worry if you can't get the Jin to work for you. You can play the mrdanga just fine without being able to play Jin. But you will play the mrdanga a lot nicer and sound pretty professional if you do manage to master it. All of your friends will think you are really good at the playing mrdanga. This practice beat is known as the "juk-jok-Jin Practice Beat."

juk jok juk jok Jin - -

Note only the last "Jin" is written with an uppercase "J." It is played louder than the others.

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