Learn to Play > Lesson 7: Prabhupada Beat Variations

Introducing the "Jin"

The middle finger lightly taps the head, and then the hand slides across the head, the base of the thumb pressed firmly.

As with most mrdanga beats, there are variations. The Prabhupada Beat especially has many variations.

Many of these variations include a new mrdanga note known as "Jin."

"Jin" is a slick note that sounds really great. The problem is that new mrdanga players find it hard to replicate.

With a Jin, the middle finger barely taps the bayan (the big end), while the base of the thumb (close to the wrist) slides across the head as shown in the animation on the right. This produces a kind of "whoop" noise, and that's exactly what "Jin" is all about.

"Jin" may be played soft or loud. If it is soft, it is written as "jin" (lowercase "j") and if it is loud it is written as "Jin" (uppercase "J").

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