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The second part

The second part of the "Prabhupada Beat" is the only really complex part of the whole thing. If you can master this part (and it's not hard) then you've got it licked. After all, you've already practiced the "Duk-dha Practice Beat" when we told you about "duk." And in the previous page we practiced the first part of the mantra.

So, ready? Here's the middle part of the "Prabhupada Beat."

ki tiri ki ti geDha

In this middle part of this mantra, we have written geDha close together (without a space) to indicate these are played very close together – kinda like a double strike on the big end of the drum, one soft and one loud. See? The "D" of "Dha" is uppercase, which means it's played with a loud Ge. What's significant about this is that this geDha takes the space of only one stroke, just like tiri.

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