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Basic Kirtan Beat variation #2

Variation #2 of the Basic Kirtan beat uses for the first time the hand flick called tiri. You will recall that earlier I pointed out that when we write tiri it will always be underlined. This is because sometimes tiri may be combined with a Ge, and become tiDha. Because tiDha is underlined, we know it is not just a simple ti followed by Dha. You see, tiri is a fast flick of the hand that takes the space of only one beat, not two.

Note also that when we write tiDha, because the "D" of "Dha" is uppercase, it means it is produced with a loud "Ge."

In the RealAudio recording below, we introduce the back to front teaching method described in Lesson 2.

The mantra for this variation goes like this:

ta ta ki tiri ge tiDha - -

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