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Basic Kirtan Beat variation #1

The Basic Kirtan Beat has three main variations from more simple to more complex.

Variation #1 is the simpler version. This version uses a "Jha" which was described in Lesson 3. Note that because we have made the "J" in "Jha" upper case, this indicates that it is produced with a loud Ge. This variation moves one of the pauses to the middle of the mantra.

The mantra goes like this:

ta - - ki ta ge Jha -

Note there's a mistake in the recording!!!! Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Although I'm playing the beat correctly in the recording, I'm saying “Ta pause ... ki ta ge Jha pause”

That “...” should be replaced verbally with another verbal “pause”. In other words, I make the space for the word, but don't pronounce it.

So in the recording that you will listen to below, you will hear the mantra "ta pause ... ki ta ge Jha pause"  ... I'm actually supposed to be saying "ta pause pause ki ta ge Jha pause"... Keep that in mind when listening!

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