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Introducing "The Basic Kirtan Beat"

Now you know enough to learn you very first kirtan beat. This beat is called "The Basic Kirtan Beat." It can be (and often is) used in kirtans. The two previous mrdanga mantras I taught you were for practice. This one is the real McCoy. You can play it in the temple room. In fact, when I used to lead kirtans in the temple, this was one of the main beats I started out with.

The Basic Kirtan Beat is a standard, slow beat.

This beat has two pauses at the end. During a pause, the mrdanga is not played, but remains silent, and the word "pause" is pronounced. The two pauses can be observed by the double dash "- -" at the end of the mantra. Make sure you say the word “pause” twice at the end of the beat in order to get the timing right.

The Basic Kirtan Beat:

ta ta ki ta ge Dha - -

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