Learn to Play > Lesson 2: Your first mrdanga mantra

The resonant "Ge"

"Ge" is a resonant note made on the big end of the drum (the bayan).

The fingers are kept apart and stiff. The hand strikes the rim of the drum just below the base of the fingers (the upper part of the palm). The force of the strike against the rim will bounce the fingers momentarily off the head, allowing the head to make a loud "Boom" sound. This is the loudest sound the mrdanga makes.

After striking the head, the fingers do not remain on the head, and the head is allowed to vibrate freely, as shown in the animation on the right. Note how it isn't seen where the fingers hit the head in the animation. All you have to do is just strike the edge of the rim, as shown, and automatically the fingers will rebound off the head.

Click here to hear how this sounds.


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