Learn to Play > Lesson 1:
Introduction to the mrdanga

Summary of Lesson 1

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    The big end of the drum is called the bayan. The small end of the drum is called the dayan.

  • There are different kinds of drums. Don't put a drum with a leather head down on it's head. Always put it on it's side.

  • Wear the drum so the big end (the bayan) is on your weak hand (left hand for right handers, right hand for left handers).

  • You learned that Vipramukhya Swami is right handed and Bhakta Oswald is left handed by looking at the way they hold their drums.

  • If you are right handed, the strap goes over your right shoulder, and under your left arm. If your are left handed, the strap goes over your left shoulder, and under your right arm.

  • Never, ever, wear the drum on your back. Always keep it in front of you.

  • Do your homework every day.

  • Don't practice in the temple room.


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